Colorful White

By Carlos Saoud


Colorful white is an indie mobile game available on google play store.


It's about a white particle lost in dark space, searching for its home, in the white center of a colorful planet. It needs to pass the 7 colors in order to arrive home. Each layer of color has its own look and music...

Game Play

This is an adventure/infinite game that uses simple control. You control the character using 2 fingers to navigate left and right. The game starts easy and then get difficult. You can unlock skins that give you special abilities and help you to win the game.

Screen shots


All the code is created by Carlos Saoud using unity3d engine.

All the images are created by Carlos Saoud using Logopit Plus and Infinite Design.

Music from freepd :

  • Yellow desert : Arpent by Kevin MacLeod
  • Green Forest : Chronos by Alexander Nakarada
  • Blue Ocean : Big Eyes by Rafael Krux
  • Pink Garden : The Crown by Alexander Nakarada
  • Purple City :  Fireworks by Alexander Nakarada
  • Orange Terror : Cornfield Chase by Rafael Krux
  • Red Hell : Epic Boss Battle by Rafael Krux
  • Main menu music : Heaven Is Free in Page2

Colorful World music: Unholy Knight by Kevin MacLeod (

Sound Fx are from (Creative Commons 0) and from chiptone.